lAs veNsus

lAs veNsus
nft collection that brings back innovation & atTention to detail lost in pursuit of proFit

Las Vensus is an NFT collection that combines long-forgotten principles of innovation and attention to detail that were characteristic of the early days of the NFT industry

Our NFTs offer a new level of accessibility, allowing even small collectors to invest in promising crypto-assets. The beauty of our NFTs lies in the combination of traditional investment opportunities with a bright and dynamic world of digital art.

Vensus: unites virtual reality & finance
Vensus is a game-changer, uniting virtual reality with the financial world in a way that has never been seen before. This project is not just about profit, but also about creating a better, more comfortable and, most importantly, a "fun" future for all of us.
With virtual reality, we are breaking down barriers and making financial operations more accessible by bringing familiar entertainment to a new level of interaction, without creating yet another "boring" project for a narrow range of people (aka geeks).
nftb: platform for maximizing interaCtion with nfts thrOugh lending & borrowing

NFTB is a project aimed at providing users the opportunity to receive privileges and benefits from owning a certain NFT collection, without full ownership of the NFT. The main objective of the project is to create a platform that allows crypto enthusiasts to maximize their interaction with NFTs by lending and borrowing their virtual assets to other interested parties.

We strive to provide everyone with the opportunity to receive both tangible and intangible benefits and satisfaction. With the use of smart contracts and cryptocurrencies, we aim to provide convenience, security, and reliability in the transfer and lending processes of NFTs.

Sharemining: Decentralized platform that brings together silicon resource owners & enthusiasts for mutual benefit

Sharemining is the rise of a new era where decentralized information technologies bring people together by providing a new level of interaction between owners of material silicon resources and interested enthusiasts, allowing both sides to benefit. We offer a revolutionary platform solution that allows people to transfer their computational power to others using vast reserves of digital technologies.

Our project is a challenge to existing perceptions and opens the doors to a new world where profit is not a zero-sum game. Join us to create a future where resources are used efficiently and possibilities are unlimited. The future depends on us, not on a new Monday, and with our project you have the opportunity to shape it as you see fit.

So why wait? it's Time to act now!
Las Vensus
2023 CE